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custom color to bring on the spring

We are so incredibly ready for spring. Sanding pieces in the freezing cold to prep them for paint is not on my top 10 favorites list. We've had some warmer weather the past few days and it's putting me in the mood for spring cleaning and spring painting!! Get ready to see lots and lots and lots of pieces coming your way!!!

Sharing a custom piece we did up for a client using our own color creation. This one is definitely spring inspired!!

Always happy to share a custom color mix. We used General Finishes Antique White and Buttermilk Yellow. Can't remember the exact amounts, but we poured a large amount of the white into a container and started adding bits of yellow until we got the right shade.

We are calling this color "Buttercream" :-)

Loving that top! We sanded it down and used a rich Java Gel stain. This is one coat - incredible coverage.

So, with spring right around the corner, you can expect to see some new fun pieces, new colors and lots of "for sale" furniture. Let us know if there is a color you want to see or a piece you are searching for and we can help you find it!!

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