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new life for an 1800's dresser

I can't even tell you how much I adore this piece. It has all of the qualities I love - it's from the 1800's, it's got amazing character, gorgeous wood top, awesome mirror and it's a massive statement piece!!! It's also AVAILABLE for SALE!!! Yes, yes it is!

We had originally intended to do this piece at this time last year, but we got sidetracked with other furniture pieces. My original choices were a rusty orange or brick red for the fall. A year came and went and we decided we just had to pull this one out and get her on the market!!

Loving the original look, but you can see there is a lot of damage:

The knobs had patina, but in a bad way. They had nearly rusted off the piece and were not salvageable. We sanded the top down and were excited to find a beautiful grain underneath. We used a General Finishes Java Gel stain and it turned out better than we had hoped.

We wanted to tie in the mirror to the stained top so we gave the rim of the mirror a stained finish too:

The rest of the piece was painted using Dixie Belle Burlap chalk style paint. Looks so pretty against the Java Gel!! One of our favorite things about this piece is all of the character - check it out:

I'd been really wanting to use these knobs I had found at Hobby Lobby. LOVE how they look on this piece. Bonus - we didn't have to drill any new holes :-)

We used a sander to acheive the shabby look. It works so well on this piece. Here are a few more looks:

This one was fun, fun, fun. I also got to stage it with a new prop my mom scored for us - an antique washboard. Love adding new staging pieces to our inventory!

So if you love this piece and want to keep it, it can be yours. In addition to being used as a dresser, we think it would make such an amazing statement as an entryway piece. It measures 75.5" tall, 43.5" wide and 20.25" deep. Asking price is $450. To contact us, click here. As always - THANKS for your support. We reached 5,000 likes on Facebook and that is just mind blowing to us - THANK YOU!!!

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