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black "typewriter" dresser

This fall weather in the mid-west has been picture perfect for outdoor painting. Hopefully it holds out because we have 12 orders to get out by Thanksgiving. That's right - 12 - YIKES!!! Maybe someday we will learn to space things out a bit better :-) We always try to make sure to get a few "for sale" pieces mixed in with the custom orders. Meet our "typewriter" dresser. PS - this one is for SALE!!!

If you love it, it can be yours!! I called this one our typewriter dresser solely because the minute I saw the piece, I knew I wanted to paint it black and I wanted to stage it with our super cool antique typewriter. It was the inspiration behind this piece, so there you go!!

Here is a look at the before picture:

We loved how this one curved in front - simple and classy. It got bonus points for having drawers that worked perfectly and fantastic knobs!

Take a look at some more pretty pics and let us know if you want to claim this one for your own home.

If we haven't said it in awhile - THANK YOU for all of the support you've shown our business. We are loving what we do and having a blast creating one of a kind makeovers. Make sure to follow our Facebook page for the most up to date pics & news.

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