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farmer's table in antique white

Can I just say how much I love farm tables??? They make my heart skip a beat, seriously! This one is no different and I'm loving the distressed look.

We stumbled across this piece online - definitely has that farm goodness and we saw the potential.

Some might have left it "as is", but we were feeling white on this one. General Finishes Antique White is always a favorite.

To get the look we wanted, we gave the entire table a sanding. You'll always get that gorgeous distressing on a table with a lot of texture. Just look at the details:

We even kept the "imperfections", opting not to wood fill. I always love these little bits of character :-)

So if you are crushing on a white chippy farm table too - you are in luck!! This beauty is for SALE. It's a bit too long for my space or I'd be keeping it! Visit our Facebook page for additional details on purchasing.

Few more pics - how cute would this be with mix and match farm chairs? Or even industrial metal......

Hope you love this one as much as we do!!! Thank you for visiting our page and hope you'll come back!

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