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custom beachy coral armoire

This piece has had quite the journey....a really neat story behind it - where it came from and where it went. This armoire changed hands several times before it made its way to us and long story short, little did I know that I am friends with the original owner. It was really touching to show her the new life that we gave this piece and to tell her about our wonderful friend who is the new owner. Our client LOVES the beach and wanted something inspired by the ocean. When she said "I'm thinking coral", we said "let's do it"!

It was definitely a beautiful piece before we even started, but it was destined to get a makeover!

We found the perfect coral color, paired with some antique white and provence chalk paint and came up with a plan to create a look that was bright and beachy. Our client trusted us to do whatever we thought would look best - love that!!

Here's a look at the makeover in progress:

We decided to leave the gorgeous antique knobs untouched. We couldn't find a better match if we tried - look at the amazing colors on these.

To get the pretty weathered look, we painted the details in layers of coral, provence and antique white. This was followed by distressing, giving a look that mimics years of wear and brings in all of our colors inspired by the sea.

Along the way, my husband helped us build a shelf to make the piece more functional for storage.

We sealed the entire armoire with clear wax and then had a bit of fun staging for pictures!

One more after :-)

We had so much fun with this one and it's a very special makeover to us. We'd love to know what you think of the beachy look. You can contact us at To get all of the latest posts, check us out on Facebook!

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